Abby Singer 2003 Streaming Italiano Senza Limiti

Film Commedia ยป Abby Singer

Chronicles the life of Curtis Clemins, who is torn between the love of his life and accomplishing his dream. When hitting rock bottom during the Sundance Film Festival, Clemins' calls upon his old college chum, Kevin Prouse, giving the now drunken acting instructor in the throes of a divorce, the only clue that will salvage Clemins' rapidly deteriorating life.

Genres: Dramma Commedia
Direttore Ryan R. Williams
Tempo di esecuzione: 79 min
Sous-titres: Inglese, spagnolo, francese, italiano, olandese e tedesco

Abby Singer Actors

Ryan R. Williams (Kevin Prouse) Gloria Smith (Student) Clint J. Palmer (Curtis Clemins) Robin Ballard (Maxine Helms) Andrea Hullsman (Maxine's Daughter) Ken Farrman (Receptionist) Mycole Metcalf (Audition Girl) Robert Bear () Sean Marble () Ivan Lucero (Jackson Lee) Pat Donahue (Mr. Mooker) Mark Wunder (Jake Mooker) Rod Finch (Ryan)