Spielberg 2017 Streaming Italiano Senza Limiti

Film ¬Ľ Spielberg

A retrospective on the career of director Steven Spielberg.

Genres: Documentario
Direttore Susan Lacy
Distributeur: Pentimento Productions, HBO Documentary Films
Nationalité: United States of America
Tempo di esecuzione: 147 min
Sous-titres: Inglese, spagnolo, francese, italiano, olandese e tedesco

Spielberg Actors

Steven Spielberg (Himself) Martin Scorsese (Himself) Richard Dreyfuss (Himself) Francis Ford Coppola (Himself) Tom Hanks (Himself) J.J. Abrams (Himself) Leonardo DiCaprio (Himself) Cate Blanchett (Herself) Anthony Hopkins (Himself) Drew Barrymore (Herself) Daniel Craig (Himself) Daniel Day-Lewis (Himself) Brian De Palma (Himself)