Biographie Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins est un acteur ou un artiste dans un film qui est connu et dans le monde de l'industrie du film dans le monde très respecté, pour obtenir dans une revendication Anthony Hopkins toujours l'enthousiasme des gens dans le monde qui ont désespérément manqué son travail avec inspiré de nombreux autres joueurs, Anthony Hopkins dans une scène est incroyablement inspirant tout le monde dans le rôle principal dans un film, voici la préface brièvement, ce qui peut être affiché sur l'étoile Anthony Hopkins, et être une source d'inspiration pour nous tous dans le monde du cinéma, espérons-le, et ne pas oublier le Voici quelques-unes du film Anthony Hopkins devrait regarder dehors pour si vous n'êtes pas prudent, vous montre vraiment tout perdre.



Luogo di nascita:

Margam, Port Talbot, Glamorgan, Wales, UK:

King Lear (2018)
as Lear
Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
as Odin
Spielberg (2017)
as Himself
Transformers - L'ultimo cavaliere (2017)
as Sir Edmund Burton
Autobahn - Fuori controllo (2016)
as Hagen Kahl
Conspiracy - La cospirazione (2016)
as Arthur Denning
The Dresser (2015)
as Sir
Go with me (2015)
as Lester
Premonitions (2015)
as John Clancy
Il caso Freddy Heineken (2015)
as Freddy Heineken
Richard Attenborough: A Life in Film (2014)
as Himself
Noah (2014)
as Methuselah
Thor: The Dark World (2013)
as Odin
Red 2 (2013)
as Bailey
Hitchcock (2012)
as Alfred Hitchcock
Passioni e desideri (2012)
as Older Man
Thor: From Asgard to Earth (2011)
as Himself
Thor (2011)
as Odin
Il rito (2011)
as Father Lucas
Incontrerai l'uomo dei tuoi sogni (2010)
as Alfie
Wolfman (2010)
as Sir John Talbot
Quella sera dorata (2009)
as Adam Gund
La leggenda di Beowulf (2007)
as Hrothgar
Clint Eastwood Presents Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends (2007)
as Himself
Il caso Thomas Crawford (2007)
as Theodore Crawford
Slipstream - Nella mente oscura di H. (2007)
as Felix Bonhoeffer
Tutti gli uomini del re (2006)
as Judge Irwin
Bobby (2006)
as John Casey
Indian - La grande sfida (2005)
as Burt Munro
Proof - La prova (2005)
as Robert Llewellyn
Alexander (2004)
as Old Ptolemy
La macchia umana (2003)
as Coleman Silk
Patto con il diavolo (2003)
as Daniel Webster
Red Dragon (2002)
as Hannibal Lecter
Bad company - Protocollo Praga (2002)
as Officer Oakes
Love & Loyalty: The Making of 'The Remains of the Day' (2001)
as Himself
Cuori in Atlantide (2001)
as Ted Brautigan
Hannibal (2001)
as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
The Making of The Silence of the Lambs: Inside the Labyrinth (2001)
as Interviewee
Il Grinch (2000)
as Narrator (voice)
Mission: Impossible II (2000)
as Mission Commander Swanbeck (uncredited)
Titus (1999)
as Titus Andronicus
Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (1999)
as Narrator
Instinct - istinto primordiale (1999)
as Dr. Ethan Powell
Vi presento Joe Black (1998)
as William Parrish
La maschera di Zorro (1998)
as Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro
Amistad (1997)
as John Quincy Adams
L'urlo dell'odio (1997)
as Charles Morse
Surviving Picasso (1996)
as Pablo Picasso
August (1996)
as Ieuan Davies
Gli intrighi del potere (1995)
as Richard Nixon
Vento di passioni (1994)
as Col. William Ludlow
Morti di salute (1994)
as Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
Viaggio in Inghilterra (1993)
as C. S. 'Jack' Lewis
Quel che resta del giorno (1993)
as James Stevens
The Innocent (1993)
as Glass
The Trial (1993)
as The Priest
Charlot - Chaplin (1992)
as George Hayden
Dracula di Bram Stoker (1992)
as Professor Van Helsing
Spotswood (1992)
as Errol Wallace
Casa Howard (1992)
as Henry J. Wilcox
Freejack - in fuga nel futuro (1992)
as Ian McCandless
Blood Lines: Dracula - The Man. The Myth. The Movies. (1992)
as Himself
One Man’s War (1991)
as Joel
Il silenzio degli innocenti (1991)
as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Ore disperate (1990)
as Tim Cornell
L'opera del seduttore (1989)
as Dafydd Ap Llewellyn
Il decimo uomo (1988)
as Jean Louis Cheval
L'irlandese (1988)
Across the Lake (1988)
as Donald Campbell
84 Charing Cross Road (1987)
as Frank P. Doel
Blunt (1987)
as Guy Burgess
The Good Father (1985)
as Bill Hooper
Arch of Triumph (1985)
as Dr. Ravic
Io e il duce (1985)
as Count Galeazzo Ciano
Guilty Conscience (1985)
Il Bounty (1984)
as Lieutenant William Bligh
A Married Man (1983)
as John Strickland
Little Eyolf (1982)
as Alfred Allmers
Il gobbo di Notre Dame (1982)
as Quasimodo
Othello (1981)
The Bunker (1981)
as Adolph Hitler
A Change of Seasons (1980)
as Adam Evans
The Elephant Man (1980)
as Dr. Frederick Treves
Mayflower: The Pilgrims' Adventure (1979)
as Captain Jones
Magic (1978)
as Corky Withers / Fats (Voice)
Una corsa sul prato (1978)
as Captain Johnson
Quell'ultimo ponte (1977)
as Lt. Col. John D. Frost
Audrey Rose (1977)
as Elliot Hoover
La lunga notte di Entebbe (1976)
as Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
Il caso Lindbergh (1976)
as Bruno Richard Hauptmann
Dark Victory (1976)
as Dr. Michael Grant
All Creatures Great and Small (1975)
as Siegfried Farnon
The Girl from Petrovka (1974)
as Kostya
Juggernaut (1974)
as Supt. John McCleod
Casa di bambola (1973)
as Torvald Helmer
Gli anni dell'avventura (1972)
as David Llyod George
When Eight Bells Toll (1971)
as Philip Calvert
Uncle Vanya (1970)
The Three Sisters (1970)
Hamlet (1969)
as Claudius
Lo specchio delle spie (1969)
as John Avery
Il leone d'inverno (1968)
as Richard
Il bus bianco (1967)
as Brechtian