Biographie Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker est un acteur ou un artiste dans un film qui est connu et dans le monde de l'industrie du film dans le monde très respecté, pour obtenir dans une revendication Forest Whitaker toujours l'enthousiasme des gens dans le monde qui ont désespérément manqué son travail avec inspiré de nombreux autres joueurs, Forest Whitaker dans une scène est incroyablement inspirant tout le monde dans le rôle principal dans un film, voici la préface brièvement, ce qui peut être affiché sur l'étoile Forest Whitaker, et être une source d'inspiration pour nous tous dans le monde du cinéma, espérons-le, et ne pas oublier le Voici quelques-unes du film Forest Whitaker devrait regarder dehors pour si vous n'êtes pas prudent, vous montre vraiment tout perdre.



Luogo di nascita:

Longview, Texas, USA:

City of Lies (2018)
as Jack Jackson
La fine (2018)
as Tom
Sorry to Bother You (2018)
as First Equisapien / Demarius
The Forgiven (2018)
as Desmond Tutu
Black Panther (2018)
as Zuri
Burden (2018)
as Reverend Kennedy
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
as Saw Gerrera
I Am You (2016)
as Narrator (voice)
Arrival (2016)
as Colonel Weber
Dope - Follia e riscatto (2015)
as Narrator
Southpaw - L'ultima sfida (2015)
as Titus 'Tick' Wills
Taken 3 - L'ora della verità (2014)
as Inspector Frank Dotzler
Repentance - Troppo tardi (2014)
as Angel
Two Men in Town (2014)
as William Garnett
Il fuoco della vendetta (2013)
as Chief Wesley Barnes
Zulu (2013)
as Ali Sokhela
Un Natale speciale a New York (2013)
as Reverend Cornell Cobbs
Making a Scene (2013)
as Man
Mysteries of the Unseen World (2013)
as Narrator
The Butler - Un maggiordomo alla Casa Bianca (2013)
as Cecil Gaines
Pawn - Fai la tua mossa (2013)
as Will
The Last Stand - L'ultima sfida (2013)
as Agent John Bannister
A Dark Truth - Un'oscura verità (2012)
as Francisco Francis
Freelancers (2012)
as Dennis Larue
Catch .44 (2011)
as Ronny
A Man's Story (2011)
as Himself
Serving Life (2011)
as Narrator
Lullaby for Pi (2010)
as George
The Experiment (2010)
as Barris
My Own Love Song (2010)
as Joey
Repo Men (2010)
as Jake
Matrimonio in famiglia (2010)
as Brad Boyd
Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life (2010)
as Lion
Hurricane Season (2009)
as Al Collins
Nel paese delle creature selvagge (2009)
as Ira (voice)
Powder Blue (2009)
as Charlie
Winged Creatures - Il giorno del destino (2008)
as Charlie Archenault
La notte non aspetta (2008)
as Captain Jack Wander
Chasseurs De Dragons (2008)
as Lian-Chu (voice)
Prospettive di un delitto (2008)
as Howard Lewis
Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008)
as Narrator
The Great Debaters - Il potere della parola (2007)
as Dr. James Farmer Sr.
Ripple Effect (2007)
as Philip
The Air I Breathe (2007)
as Happiness
Piccolo grande eroe (2006)
as Lonnie Brewster (voice)
L'ultimo re di Scozia (2006)
as Idi Amin
Il segreto di Claire (2006)
as Geoffrey Hunt
Even Money (2006)
as Clyde Snow
Messenger (2005)
as Abe Holt
Mary (2005)
as Ted Younger
Odyssey in Rome (2005)
American Gun (2005)
as Carter
Deacons for defence - Lotta per la libertà (2003)
as Marcus
In linea con l'assassino (2002)
as Captain Ramey
Panic Room (2002)
as Burnham
Feast of All Saints (2001)
as Daguerreotypist Picard
Il quarto angelo (2001)
as Agent Jules Bernard
The Dragon (2001)
as Addie
The Follow (2001)
Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows (2000)
as Himself - Actor / Director
Battaglia per la Terra - Una saga dell'anno 3000 (2000)
as Ker
Battlefield Earth: Evolution & Creation (2000)
as Himself
L'occhio gelido del testimone (1999)
as Steven Beck
Una voce per gridare (1999)
as Officer Dante Jackson
Ghost Dog – Il codice del samurai (1999)
as Ghost Dog
Body Count (1998)
as Crane
Phenomenon (1996)
as Nate Pope
Rebound: La vera storia di Earl 'The Goat' Manigault (1996)
as Mr. Rucker
Specie mortale (1995)
as Dan Smithson, Empath
Smoke (1995)
as Cyrus Cole
Prêt-à-porter (1994)
as Cy Bianco
Jason's Lyric (1994)
as Maddog
Nemico all'interno (1994)
as Colonel MacKenzie 'Mac' Casey
Blown Away - follia esplosiva (1994)
as Anthony Franklin
Bank Robber (1993)
as Officer Battle
Lush Life (1993)
as Buddy Chester
Last light - Storia di un condannato a morte (1993)
as Fred Whitmore
Ultracorpi - L'invasione continua (1993)
as Major Collins
Giochi d'adulti (1992)
as David Duttonville
La moglie del soldato (1992)
as Jody
Articolo 99 (1992)
as Dr. Sid Handleman
Diario di un killer (1991)
as Dekker
Rabbia ad Harlem (1991)
as Jackson
Criminal Justice (1990)
as Jessie Williams
Pronti a tutto (1990)
as Dennis Curren
Johnny il bello (1989)
as Dr. Steven Fisher
Bird (1988)
as Charlie 'Bird' Parker
Senza esclusione di colpi (1988)
as Rawlins
Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
as Edward Montesque Garlick
Sorveglianza... speciale (1987)
as Det. Jack Pismo
Hands of a Stranger (1987)
as Sergeant Delaney
Platoon (1986)
as Big Harold
Il colore dei soldi (1986)
as Amos
Fuori di testa (1982)
as Charles Jefferson
Tag: The Assassination Game (1982)
as Gowdy's Bodyguard
Triumph: the Untold Story of Perry Wallace ()
as Narrator
Reise ins Königreich der Spielzeuge ()
as Teddybär
A Tour of the Inferno: Revisiting 'Platoon' ()
as Himself
Finding Steve McQueen ()
as Howard Lambert
A Fall from Grace ()
as Source